Unity's Prosperity Teachings by Barry Vennard

 About Unity’s Prosperity Teachings

Barry Vennard  February 6, 2014


Around the turn of the last century, individual material well being through advancing technology, industrialization, capitalism, etc. became more accessible to more people largely because of emerging democracy, government protected individual rights and public education.  And, physical well being became more possible because of increased access to food, clean water, medical advances, etc. So, the possibilities of previously undreamed of levels of individual physical and material well-being became a major focus in our culture.


Thus, Unity's teachings about spiritual practices that added “promise” to the culturally emerging possibility of perfect health and unlimited material abundance found great popularity.   (Unity’s Camelot days)   And, my understanding of the teachings at that time (from classes at Unity) was that anything and everything could be manifested from the ethers thus there was never a God shortage of anything you could ever want. It was God's desire to give you anything you want.   And, it sometimes went so far as to say "Being poor was a sin." 


At that time there was, in my opinion, very little understanding of the difference between the wants of the ego - the little self - and the desires of one's higher Self.  All wants and desires were thought to be authentic expressions of the higher self. (You wouldn’t want it unless God wanted you to have it!)   I am thinking that perspective might be evolving. That a human focus on the desire for ever greater material abundance for every individual - currently thought of as accelerating global consumerism, might not be sustainable for our species.  What do you think?  


I am still a tither and believe in it as a spiritual principle.  I tithe to that which I believe (or hope) will create a sustainable future of ever expanding good for human beings…that possibility spiritually feeds me. And, that includes an evolving Unity.  I do think it will require a transformation of human nature into a growing awareness of our divine potential.