Dissolving Separation and Trusting God by Mary Arnold






I wanted to write a few words about some of my experiences with the Awakening Gathering and how it has impacted me.  The two things that have come together for me are 1) trust and 2) dissolving of separation.

Last Sunday Rev. Barry had us close the service by saying thank you to God, but not just in an ethereal way - he had us say “thank you, God” to each other. Doing this is helping me to see that the creative force is alive in all of us. I am seeing the love of God’s creation, not only in nature (which has always been easy for me), but also in us - seeing that humans also have that same creative force in them. The force that created the earth, moon, sun, universe, trees, rocks, water, and air – it’s also in each one of us. We are not a separate creation. I am coming to a deep “seeing” of each other.

The phrase "I see you" is so powerful. If I see the same creative force in nature and in myself – I can now really see it in others also. I am so thankful for Rev. Barry having us say “thank you, God” to each other because when I did I felt such oneness.

Later on I had a conversation with Steve and we were talking about trust – about how trusting others can be complex. It was then that I really had my “ah-ha moment”: I have to trust God in others. I have to trust and listen to God speaking to me thru another human being! The walls are coming down - I don’t have to second guess anymore and think, “Does that person really know who they are? Do they realize we are all connected? Are they stuck in their ego?” Now I can just listen and trust in God’s way. We are each other’s teachers and we are learning how to live in the wonderful ship (earth) together.

The second thing was a meditation that Katie had us do Sunday night where we dissolved the separation between ourselves and someone else. During the meditation, we felt what it was like to be in their base, in their heart and mind. I did this mediation with my son. As a mother, you know the pain of your child, but to be totally without separation and to actually feel his heart was devastating. His pain was so intense and overwhelming.

You might be thinking, “Maybe that is too much. Maybe I don’t want to feel what another person is truly feeling.” But I can say that it is worth all of the pain, suffering, and agony. Because when we were going home that night I told my son about the meditation and how I felt his heart. The look in his eyes told me that he knew I was speaking from my heart. Wow....to know that someone took the time to feel how it is to be you. Painful? Yes. Intense? Yes. But so worth it. My son now knows that I have experienced something that I always thought I knew - but I didn’t.

Thank you, Katie, for letting me feel my son’s heart. I can never repay you. Thank you Barry and Steve for showing me God (love) in everyone and how to trust and hear God in others. Thanks Jessica and everyone else at the Awakening Gathering for supporting love. We are going to do amazing things!!!