From the Dream Doula's Book of Wisdom: A is for Allowing

A is for allowing.  I love to watch birds fly, particularly hawks.  It seems that they glide effortlessly across the sky.  How many of you would like to move through your life so seemingly effortless?  Part of the reason that birds of prey like hawks and eagles can cross great distance and fly at such incredible heights is there are periods of time when they allow the winds to carry them.

Just like these birds, when we become willing to allow the wind of the Divine to carry us, we too can soar to incredible heights in consciousness.  It is all about allowing, letting go and living in the moment we can create a life that is harmonious and an awareness that guides us to knowing the truth of just what to do in any moment.  One of my favorite meditation songs, Allowing by Susie Hulcher, includes the phrase “in absolute surrender so serenity begins.”  Absolute surrender - to give up completely is definitely something count-intuitive to most of us.   

I remember my wife and I attempting to work together to assemble a shelving unit we had received as a gift.  Try as we might, we could not figure out the second leg of the instructions.  We turned the pieces this way, then that way, and with one tap of the mallet, another piece would come loose or fall down.  My wife, who is not only an instruction rweader, but an instruction follower, finally said, “I’m almost to the point of throwing things…I think we’d better stop for the night.”  I continued to pound here and there, turn this piece one way then another until I was just too tired to continue.  Finally, I too, became willing to surrender.  That night as I was about to drift off to sleep an idea of just what we need to do different occurred to me.  I’m wondering if anyone else is just like me, won’t give up until there is no other choice?  And yet, over and over in my life I have seen evidence that when I finally surrender…just the right answer comes. 


The 7th verse of the Tao Te Ching would describe it this way:

One who lives in accordance with nature

          Does not go against the way of things.

He moves in harmony with the present moment, always knowing the truth of just what to do.


The eagle and hawk do not fly against the wind.  They fly with the current.  Allowing the wind to carry them.  They move in the harmony of the present moment. Being present to the present is often the most difficult aspect of allowing to master.  I have always been a person with a plan, a map for my life.  I would go here and do this and then this would happen.  What I discovered is that Life happens.  And sometimes when I am more focused on the plan than living life….I get disappointed, hurt feelings, resentments when “the plan” doesn’t work out the way I had imagined.  Now when people ask me for my 5 year plan…I just laugh.  I’m not suggesting that you not have a plan.  What I am suggesting and what I think the Tao Te Ching is suggesting is that we remain flexible and present in the moment.  Susie Hulcher’s song suggests “Living in the moment like it’s all you’ll ever know.”  Can you imagine if you lived fully in each moment of your life?  If you let go of worry and tomorrow’s to do list and were just present in this moment?


The great gift of allowing is that it takes no efforting on our part.  In fact, just the opposite.  When a bird catches the current, it simply rests its wings and allows the wind to carry it.  When you find yourself somewhere other than the present, stop, breathe.  Wayne Dyer suggested repeating the words “Be Here, Now”.  One of my favorite Bible verses, reminds me that allowing is often simply stopping all the efforting and just being still.


Isaiah 40:31

31 but those who wait for the Lord shall renew their strength,
    they shall mount up with wings like eagles,
they shall run and not be weary,
    they shall walk and not faint.


Our strength is renewed when we stop efforting and simply allow.  When we allow the winds of the Divine to carry us, we soar to heights of more harmony, more peace and greater awareness.  Simply Allow.