L is for law

L is for law. Isn’t it interesting the images that arise when we hear that three-letter word “law”?   We forget there are a multitude of natural laws that simply point to the order of things and are laws because of they are invariable under the given conditions.

The same is true of spiritual laws.  From the first prosperity teachings in the Bible to the prosperity mystics of today, there are defined laws that govern prosperity just as invariable and workable as the laws that govern mathematics, music, physics and other sciences, when used under the “right” or given conditions.  Much different than the penalty we usually associate with Law, these laws are like a set of instructions for accessing our spiritual well-being and when followed they set us up to thrive.  These Laws are a gift.

The basic prosperity law upon which all others hinge is known by many names to include the law of giving and receiving, reaping and sowing or the law of compensation.  I prefer Catherine Ponder’s version, the prosperity law of radiation and attraction.  Both because I know that all my thoughts, feelings, and words create a vibration that moves from me out into the world and because I understand this same vibration is like a magnetic pull, shaping my experiences.  But it’s not all about the signals your sending out into the world, it is also about your investment in the flow of prosperity.  Ponder and other prosperity teachers remind us that we cannot receive without first giving, either tangible or intangible.  And that even in our leanest moments we have more to offer than we think.

I remember early in my recovery my sponsor was always assigning me some little task that either involved calling someone, asking someone to coffee, or offering a ride.  Although I didn’t connect the dots until much later, I received many blessings during those times from groceries showing up on my doorstep to just the right words at the right time from a stranger.  Today I understand that she was teaching me the importance of giving what I had in order to receive what I hadn’t yet…serenity, peace of mind, sobriety.  Thirty years later, I give because I can, because I enjoy sharing the Universe’s gifts, and because I understand the prosperity law of radiation and attraction.  What are you radiating today?