Nehemiah- Is your Life Under Construction

Is your life “under construction”?  I realized this week at a ministers’ retreat with Edwene Gaines, that if my life isn’t under construction, then I must be already dead and just don’t know it.  Even without our conscious awareness, our body right now is under construction, creating thousands of cells to replace the old ones.  As Edwene pointed out to us, if we’re not growing we’re dying.  And guess what?  When we stop growing, we stop prospering, because prosperity begins with the seeds of Divine ideas, and seeds need fertile soil to grow.  Are you willing to undergo construction in order to prosper?


One of my favorite construction stories comes from the Book of Nehemiah in the Bible.  It is a story about being bold and courageous, about restoration and prosperity.  It is our story.  The story begins with the children of Israel being held captive in Babylon.  Now this was nothing new really, the children of Israel were always under attack, someone was always picking on them and taking away the material things they valued.  But this time their Holy City had been decimated, the gates of the city burned down, and the wall that used to protect them was rubble on the ground.  The Israelites had been scattered across the territory, despondent and in despair, by all practical measures they were dying.


We like the children of Israel are also dying a little bit every day.  We are so caught up in the motions of earning a living, paying the bills, keeping appointments, liking everyone’s post on FB so we don’t offend, on and on that we are dying to things that we’re passionate about, what lights us up, what we LOVE.  Unity minister Temple Hays writes that you know you’re dying a bit every day if you are feeling disconnected and drained rather than energized and impassioned by your life.  I would add if you’re feeling overwhelmed, anxious, exhausted instead of at peace, joy filled, loved.

So often we complain that we’ve done everything we’ve been taught to do; meditated, used affirmation, etc. and nothing in our lives has changed.  There is one simple answer…our minds haven’t changed.  Edwene reminded us this week that we get what we ask for when we’re ready to receive it, when we have a mind for it.  How will you change your mind today?


We choose peace, passion, prosperity with the thoughts we think.  We choose peace, passion, and prosperity by giving time to those things that bring us peace, passion and prosperity.  It is a choice.  A choice that requires Bold, Courageous, action:  Remember the people had a mind for work.  They were willing to take action.  What action are you willing to take to bring about what you think about?