Spiritual Support and Counseling

Spiritual Counseling goes beyond traditional forms of psychotherapty by tapping into the importance of spirituality within a person's life.  The process aims to integrate standard therapy techniques with spiritual techniques and wisdom.

The Spiritual Counseling process recognizes the body-mind-spirit connection in creating well-being and to restore balance.

Areas of inbalance are identified by exploring:

  • The connection between you and something greater 
  • Your own sense of meaning and purpose
  • Your personal values and belief system

Rev. Glenda is available to support you in your spiritual growth, during times of challenge, as well as, during times of self-exploration.

She is available by appointment Tuesday - Thursday from 10:00 am - 6:00 pm.

Call her at 260-482-2477 or email her at revglenda@unityfw.org

Services are provided on a love offering basis.