Vision, Mission and Core Values

Vision Statement

A world transformed through shared spiritual awakenings.

Mission Statement

To cultivate leadership and connections that support spiritual awakening and transformation.

Core Values

Value: Love. 
At UFW, love is the ultimate core value.  Love is the creative presence that seeks to be experienced in every aspect of our lives.  Love is the universal expression of all that is divine and sacred.
Value: Spiritual awakening, growth, and development.   
At UFW, we promote spiritual awakening, growth, development, and transformation by creating opportunities for education, celebration, meditation, prayer and service.
Value: Peace.  
At UFW, we create peace within ourselves and act as peacemakers in our local and global communities.  We practice empathy, and model peacemaking through our 'Agreeing and Disagreeing in Love' Covenant. 
Value: Diversity, and acceptance.
At UFW we welcome and accept all people who seek a positive, spiritual approach to life through an awareness of our universal oneness with each other, the world, and the divine.  We embrace the diversity of humanity, and value the richness that comes from a variety of spiritual and cultural perspectives, ideas and experiences.  
Value: Collaboration, compassion, and community.  
At UFW, we collaborate with individuals and organizations to create educational workshops, spiritual gatherings, compassionate service, and other activities that develop the spiritual potential of humanity.
Value: Integrity, credibility, and trust. 
At UFW, we are committed to discerning spiritual truth, and acting faithfully and transparently in accordance with Unity principles and our core values and mission.