What Our Friends Say About Unity Fort Wayne

What People Like About Unity Fort Wayne Spiritual Center

Open, diverse, spiritual. - Laura

I love that we are encouraged to grow spiritually, to learn and love each day, and to affirm divine order in our lives. Thank you, Unity! - Pat

I was looking for kindred spirits - those who were open to expanding ideas about spirituality. Unity has been a safe space to grow personally and as a community. - Cindy

Unity is a chance for me to learn, and to fraternize with others on the same path. - N.B.

Friendly, accepting, warm, open and loving. - Ron 

UFW is a place where it is safe to grow into, and be, my authentic self. - Dye

Discovering and releasing my true nature, perfect in my imperfection. - Jan

 It is loving most of the time. It feels free. I’m accepted no matter. The teachings are helpful and inspiring. - T.H. 

 Personal growth. - Susan

 We are learning together that God is all there is.  - Helen

 Everything.  I like having a place to grow spiritually with other like minds and loving souls.  - C.S.