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Book Store Hours: 

Sundays, 9:30am-12:30pm 


Or shop at: 


An interview with Marge Martinjako, manager of Unity Fort Wayne's Bookstore: 

Interviewer:  If somebody is new to Unity, is there a book, or couple of books, that you would recommend as their first go to for understanding the principles?

Marge:  Oh, yes.  One is 'The Five Principles of Unity', and the other is 'The Twelve Powers of Man'.  Those basically are the two books that get you really familiar with the Unity teaching and philosophies.

Interviewer:  You also have used books for sale.


Marge:  We do, and that changes all the time, so you just have to come in and look them over because they sell fast.  It's $1 for hardback, and 50 cents for paperback.  If there's a book that perks your interest, what a way to get started!  You don't have a big cash outlay.  I also go online and look for bestsellers in the spiritual realm of books, and usually have a lot of examples of whats popular now, and some of them have been popular for many years. 


Interviewer:  I know you sell some music cds from local Unity Fort Wayne 

musicians in the store.  Do you sell some local Unity authors as well?


Marge:  Ellie Hatzel has six books, one of the six she wrote under a pen name of Ruthie Preston.  And Bob Sollazzo, who is a trainer for the Jack Canfield success principles.  He and 34 other trainers contributed stories to the book 'Life Lessons in Success'.

Interviewer:  You have a tradition of decorating small evergreen trees outside of the bookstore for each season.  Tell me about the trees you decorate in front of the bookstore, how did that start?  

Marge:  It started after Christmas.  we were taking all of the decorations down and those trees should have gone in a box with the others.  I thought, " they aren't!".  I just thought every season I can do something to decorate those trees to bring a little celebration to the entrance here.  Our daughter works at Hobby Lobby, my husband is a retired Hobby Lobby manager, and I've worked for the store a couple times over the years.  So we kind of have a creativity thing that we are all into.  Very project oriented.  I looked at the trees there and thought, "theres a great project for me" and it really is fun to do for each season.  St. Patrick's, Valentine's, 4th of July.  Summer is kind of challenging.  One of our former Reverends liked pink flamingos, so I just cut loose and did a lot of flamingos on the tree.  I would say I've been doing it at least three years.

Interviewer:  You do a good job with it.  Is there anything else you would like to say about the bookstore?

Marge:  Come in and buy a book!  

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