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Licensed Unity Teacher
Susan Heine
Susan Heine is an enthusiastic member of Unity Ft Wayne's leadership team.  After 30 years attending Unity churches in Chicago area, Susan attended Unity's World Wide Ministry program earning License Unity Spiritual Teacher certificate. With love for the Fort Wayne Unity Spiritual Center congregation, Susan is coordinator for Adult Education.  Her education is an associate degree in management from Purdue Ft Wayne and BS degree in Public Policy Administration from Indiana University Bloomington.

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Pastoral Care Team 

Rev. Dr. Wanda Wright

Rev. Dr. Wanda Wright was ordinated as in interfaith minister by All Faiths Seminary International and holds a doctorate degree in Comparative Religion. Wanda serves as chaplain for the Fort Wayne Police Department and recently completed a residency in Clinical Pastoral Education at Lutheran Hospital, Fort Wayne. 

 Dr. Wright is happy to be part of the Pastoral Care Team and embraces the philosophy of Rabbi Joseph Gelberman, ASFI founder, "Never instead of, always in addition to" believing that all major faith traditions contain truth. Wanda is also a student of A Course in Miracles.

 A graduate of Purdue University, Wanda has been an interior designer for over 35 years, is married to Mark Wright, the mother of two and grandmother of five.  

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Pastoral Care Team

Bob Sallazzo

Bob Sollazzo is a long time Unity of Fort Wayne member. He is a certified Jack Canfield Success Principles Methodology Trainer, certified Barrett Values Centre Leadership and Culture Consultant, certified Aroma Freedom Practitioner, and co-author of the bestselling Amazon book, 'Life Lessons in Success'. His mission is to encourage meaningful experiences of love and joy in the world.


Mary Arnold - Bookkeeper

Marge Martinjako - Bookstore

Nate Edwards - Groundskeeper
Cindy Griffin - Music Ministry

Hope Hansbarger - Youth Ministry

Board of Trustees

Bill Hackett - President

Dye Small - Vice President

Gary Gatton - Treasurer

Andrea Bales - Secretary

Bonnie Weibel - Member at Large

Beth Arnold - Member at Large


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